Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the road to a Grand Championship

The American Kennel Club recently implemented a new program at it shows that allows dog's who are already Champions of Record (meaning they have defeated a certain number of dogs a certain number of times) to compete for and earn a Grand Champion title. This is LONG over due as a lot of other organizations offer it already, UKC for instance. Howie is already pushing his senior discount card at the kibble buffet and after having a baby I didn't want to maintain a show coat anyway so Bzzzzzzzzzz I shaved him :) That pretty much means he can't be shown again because wow what a difference in the vacuum's war on dog hair that one little haircut made. Wonder on the other hand... da ta da daaaaa is growing her hair back out and will hopefully be able to get stated on her title maybe after Christmas? We'll see how $$$$ looks then because lets face facts it can be expensive to show a dog. She likes to show though and she loves to go places, I think she'd like a few more trips back into the ring. She is also of course the most perfect, most awesome, most WONDERFUL Tibetan Spaniel ever so of course she deserves to be a Grand Champion. Anyone ho dares to disagree or even thinks about it I'm going to personally hunt down and sic my physco kitty Sake' on ! Beware...

So there is our news for the day. Wonder is going to begin her coat care regime this week to get her sparkly clean (she's in heat right now which sucks) and then it's our special hair TLC for the next few months to thicken her coat up and voila SHOW DOG :) Can't wait. Maybe baby Nicholas can come to a few more shows, his first one was when he was 4 weeks old, and help mommy and Wonder win some pretty ribbons. He sure loves to look at puppies :)

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